Because of You!

My name is Dani and I want to thank you for supporting Sierra Community House.  With help from the Sierra Community House team, I was empowered to make hard decisions and important changes, including moving myself and my children into a violence-free home.

Because of you I was supported to:

  • Secure affordable housing
  • Receive financial assistance
  • Navigate the complex legal system
  • File the required paperwork
  • Learn to handle new challenges
  • Improve my self-esteem
  • Find my voice

Facing my ex-husband in court was very difficult.  It was a long litigation battle and it gave me a lot of anxiety, but with ongoing support from the Sierra Community House legal staff, I was able to tell my story to the judge.  And he heard my voice.  I know for a fact that if it was not for the help of Sierra Community House, I would not have custody of my kids right now.  I am thankful and blessed!

Today, I am giving back to this amazing organization the only way I can, by volunteering.  It gives me so much joy to help our community in this way.

Thanks for believing in me.