Seeking Justice for Jolie

The sexual assault of a minor affects an entire family – an entire community. Over the three years it took for Jolie and her family to work toward healing, they all demonstrated perseverance, strength, and resiliency. Justice looks different for victims, and Jolie and her family pursued legal remedies for the crime committed against her. Their journey was fraught with delayed court hearings, financial struggles, moments of despair, and the re-telling of a story of sexual assault which often can re-traumatize the victim.

Jolie and her family did not face these barriers alone. Standing with them at every step was a team from Sierra Community House. We began this journey with Jolie and her family by saying the most important words – “We believe you”.

When the family expressed unhappiness with Jolie’s criminal case, the legal staff at Sierra Community House engaged a volunteer attorney to consult on the case and provide the family with insight into the prosecution and legal process.  This greatly increased their understanding and confidence in the case and its outcomes.

Jolie’s father shared, “No matter what happens in the legal system, justice can be found with Sierra Community House. You’ve been the one fresh breath of air.”

Our support did not end there.  When Jolie’s father temporarily lost his job due to COVID-19, Sierra Community House provided financial assistance and weekly supplemental food.

This support would not be possible without our donors whose generosity allows us to offer the services that only Sierra Community House can provide. Sierra Community House stands with survivors.