We are so excited to welcome Karla Juarez, the new Community Health Coordinator. She shared, “I strongly believe in our vision of being a part of a community that is an inclusive, safe, and healthy community where everyone flourishes. I am so excited to be a part of this team!”. 

What is your position at SCH and can you describe what you do in your role? 

I am the Community Health Coordinator, part of the community engagement team. My role is part of a pilot program in partnership with the Tahoe Forest Hospital. Our focus is to Facilitate and improve community health and health outcomes for Socio Economically Disadvantaged community members.  We want to enhance communities’ access to health care services and improve their health. The goal is to offer a wide range of services that include home visits, care management, health education, and support community members in accessing health and social services.  

What drew you to work at Sierra Community House? 

I worked as a Family Advocate at Truckee House, (formerly Truckee Resource Center) back in 2019 right before the big merger of all the agencies. I left but I always knew I would be backI strongly believe in our vision of being a part of a community that is an inclusive, safe, and healthy community where everyone flourishesBeing able to work with like-minded individuals who are actively trying to better our community has been the best part of being back. I am so excited to be a part of this team.

How long have you lived in Tahoe? What does “community” mean to you?

I was born here in Tahoe but grew up in Las Vegas Nevada. I have been living here in the Tahoe area for about 10 years. Community to me is a place where everyone feels like they belong. It’s a place where everyone feels seen, heard, safe, and supported.

Tell us about what you like to do for fun! What is your favorite part about living in the mountains/near the lake

My favorite part about living here is the lake, I love summers. I enjoy being by the lake listening to music and just simply existingI am not much of a hiker but do enjoy going on walks with my dog Rocki and spending time with husband and familyI also enjoy building lego sets.

How do you prioritize self-care? 

Prioritizing self-care is something I am still learning how to do. I like to think about it as it’s me showing up for me.  It does not always have to be glamorous, for me it’s something as simple as stretching my body, journaling, reading, going to therapy, or even just allowing myself to lay in bed and binge watch my favorite show or TV without guilt.

What are you the most hopeful about when you think about the work Sierra Community House does in the community? 

When I think about the work we do here at SCH, I am hopeful about being able to bring services to our community and empowering community members to advocate for themselvesSo, they can feel like they belong, and that what they have to say matters, they deserve to feel like they are a part of our community.

Karla brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team, with a background in family advocacy. As we continue to grow and innovate, Karla will play a vital role in ensuring that our community has information and access to health resources and more. Their fresh perspective and dedication to excellence will undoubtedly contribute to our continued success. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Karla! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and insights from Sierra Community House by subscribing to our email list.